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Feb 13, 2013 5:00pm PST
, which was that incident command posts will be a target rich environment. here he is holed up in an apartment that almost has a view directly on the command post on the other side of the road with a automatic sniper rifle with.50 caliber sniper bullets. so was that the first place he could find to get into? or two, did he choose it because it would give him an observation post and potentially a target. >> are you aware how far the broken down truck was from that location? >> i was told it's not that far away. this might have been the first place he encountered. about the search, because you asked about that, they would check houses and if there was any forced entry, they would go in and check that house to determine did that have anything to do with him, was he still there? if there were houses unlocked, they would check those. but where there was sign of no forced entry, that was a sign that this was in tact. they didn't make a forced entry to places already locked. so you could consider a scenario where he would have found an unlocked place or found a hidden key, made an ent
Feb 14, 2013 5:00pm PST
and the environment has been for them. that's -- you know, that's tough. again, you asked earlier about specific health conditions, and i wanted to be fair about that, i just don't think that's a real risk. i mean, i think -- you hear about nor row virus outbreaks for example on cruise ships, that can happen because people are living in close quarters or contained in close quarters, if one person gets sick, many people can get sick. that's true whether a cruise ship is in distress like this one is, or it's not. you're absolutely right. it's still a miserable experience it sounds like. >> it totally is. the cruise industry is growing all the time. that's why we're following this so closely, such a big part of people's lives. i'll be checking in with you, thank you for coming back to you. i'll talk to you soon. for these people, they were supposed to be having fun. this is a vacation. when it goes so long, and it could have been in greater jeopardy out there in the open sea, it raises our concern. thankfully they're all coming home now, we're going to keep following this story as the cruise ship d
Feb 14, 2013 10:00pm PST
it be water or food or ships. >> absolutely. when you put 4,000 people in a closed environment, it creates a situation where you can have any type of gastrointestinal illness take over, but for the most part, cruise ships do handle these situations well, and this was a specific situation. so this can carry a little bit of high risk, but for sure, i'm sure, you know, carnival cruise line did everything possible, and hand sanitizers were used as much as possible. and hopefully everything will be okay after this. >> yeah. all right, well thank you very much. please don't go anywhere. we'll be needing to talk to you in a bit. >> let me introduce you to the atkins family. this is a family i talked to earlier in the day. rusty, ben, and this must be brianna. >> that's right. >> welcome back. >> happy valentine's day. looks like they remembered. >> somebody certainly remembered. how do you feel? >> excited to be on land. i kissed it when i first got off. >> you did? literally benlt down and kissed it? wow. >> you're not the first to tell us, actually. there were a number on people getting on the
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)